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The bathroom sink in your house is an important aspect of your daily routine. If the plumbing in your bathroom sink is not up to par, it can be significant pain for a variety of reasons. To clean teeth, wash hands and face, and style hair from time to time, you need your bathroom sink to be functional. In case it is not working as it should, you need to get it repaired and restored to its original state, and for this, it is recommended to get help from a qualified plumber.
The plumbers at Bob’s Plumbing And Heating Online are fully equipped to provide installation service for your bathroom sink. They can repair, replace, unclog and even install brand new sinks depending on the condition of your existing one.
While sink installation may look easy, making sure the new one will be properly secured and work as expected is a cumbersome process that requires expertise and experience. The plumbing experts here at Bob’s Plumbing And Heating are well-versed in this aspect of their work and can securely install your new bathroom sink without any damage to your tiles. Proudly serving Edison, NJ and Westfield, NJ

Our plumber will work tirelessly to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need for your remodel.

We can also repair any fixtures you have in your home.

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What Plumbing Services do you need?

We have been in the plumbing industry for a long time now and have gathered enough experience to handle almost any kind of bathroom sink installation and repair. From perfectly working ones to those
that are completely broken, all kinds and conditions are handled with ease by our professional technicians who know exactly what is needed to bring them back up in good order.

In addition, to sink installation and repair, our plumbers can also install a new faucet in your bathroom sink. They have years of experience in residential faucet installation services and will carefully inspect all aspects of your existing faucet before quoting you a price for their service.

If your bathroom sink is not working, it may be due to faulty water lines. Bob’s Plumbing And Heating Online plumbers are qualified to handle any kind of repair work for tubs, sinks, toilets, and much more. We have the tools and equipment needed to conduct an in-depth analysis of the issue with your broken or faulty water lines and provide you with a solution to fix it.

Over time, drainage pipes installed in your bathroom sink may develop problems or become damaged. At Bob’s Plumbing And Heating, our plumbers are experienced at replacing and repairing water drainage lines and can take care of any kind of issue you may have. We can also install a brand new drainage system to improve water circulation and drainage from your sink, in case it is beyond repair.

A faulty sump pump is one of the most common problems homeowners face on a regular basis. If your bathroom sink is not draining on its own, you need qualified help to install a new one before it starts smelling foul. We have years of experience installing and replacing sump pumps.

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